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The FYFH Board recognizes the importance of Concussion Awareness and Training for our teams, coaches, parents and players. This page on Concussion Resources represents a significant effort to bring you current information on this important subject.

To start with, let's take a look at "Concussions 101 - a Primer for Parents and Kids"


Of course, the first step to preventing concussions is to ensure that your child is playing with the most up-to-date equipment available. To that end, FYFH requires that all equipment used is designed to meet the prevailing standards of safety for our young athletes. Players should not use or bring any equipment which has not been certified by the manufacturer as conforming to the National Organizing Committee for Safety in Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) Standard. But even with those precautions, injuries in sports can and do occur.

We are fortunate to have experts in the field of concussion awareness, safety, prevention and detection close by in Darien, CT. The Concussion Center of Fairfield County is the first comprehensive medical center in lower Fairfield County dedicated to the assessment, management and education of concussions.

Their team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals from a variety of disciplines who are experts in the assessment and management of concussion. They care for adults, adolescents, and children from the first hours after a concussion throughout the entire recovery.

Knowing when it is safe to return to play is crucial in order to avoid serious brain injury. The Concussion Center of Fairfield County was developed to address the comprehensive needs of an individual who has suffered a concussion, in order to facilitate his or her recovery and safe, confident return to play, school or work. Their goal is to offer athletes, families, physicians, athletic trainers, nurses, schools and coaches, the safest way to recover from a concussion.

Most college and professional athletes complete a Baseline ImPACT test so that, in the event of a head injury, their doctors can compare a 'before and after' ImPACT test results to aid in determining the course of care. Today, the Baseline ImPACT test is available locally to any athlete 11 years or older. This optional test should be performed once every two years to keep up with a young athletes natural growth. If you have questions about whether an ImPACT baseline test is right for your child, consider consulting with your own doctor for advice and guidance.
If you would like to arrange a Baseline ImPACT test, contact The Concussion Center of Fairfield County at 203-656-2666.

Services offered at the Concussion Center of Fairfield County include:

Baseline ImPACT testing (for athletes age 11 and older)

Post Injury ImPACT testing

Return to Play Decisions

Treatment of Post Concussion Syndrome

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Vestibular Physical Therapy

Cognitive Rehabilitation


Training & Workshops



Oher area resources:

For athletes who may be sidelined with concussion symptoms, SportsCAPP has put together a peer support website for injured players who are sidelined by concussions - please visit www.TeamConcussion.org for more details on this great resource.

If you need medical advice for an injured child, please call 911, seek a doctor or go to your local ER immediately.